On The Market For New Watch? Read This.

Assuming that you are looking to have a new watch for some special occasion and would like everything to be perfect. How do you go about this? Well, this is simple as getting to isolate a counterfeit watch from a set of similar legitimate watches is very simple. There are however five key metrics that will guide you as you are making a watch selection, allowing you to buy a legitimate watch.

These are: Material, Weight, Type faces and Engravings, Movement and Sound.

  • As for the engravings on the watch, you should pay keen attention to the overlay writings on the front as well as the back of the watch. Naturally, original watches have clear and skillfully furnished surfaces as opposed to typical vague writing or smudged inscriptions. Moreover, the other key thing that will tell a fake watch is the incidence of typing errors in the brand name of the watch or some sort of letter substitution. Case in point, having “Roelx” lieu of “Rolex”.
  • The other thing that you should be wary of when you are making a selection is the movement and the sound. This is because though some counterfeit watches may actually have a mechanical movement, for instance, the movement may be of very poor quality. Closely tied to the movement aspect is the sound feature in where you should ensure that there is smooth and subtle ticking as opposed to just ticking. As such, if a watch ticks loudly, do away with it.
  • Another remarkably important thing to consider is the material used to make the watch. Normally, you should notice that the material used to craft fake watches is somewhat off in terms of the finishing and color. For instance, a watch may appear golden, while in the real sense, it has just been gilded for sale purposes. If you somehow feel that you are not certain of the material, it is paramount that you have the watch hallmarked for its material for your safety.
  • Finally, you have to take into account the weight of the watch. Normally, it is anticipated that fake watches should be lighter which you ought to check out for. A good example is a case where you are presented with a gilded watch which is patently lighter than actual gold. This should not prove to be difficult, and you don’t need to know the actual weight of a golden watch. Simple hand scale feature may come in handy, as well as your personal intuition.

Don’t Get Tricked With Fake Ones.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to be a watchmaker or some sort of an apprentice in that field to be able to identify fake watches. It is very easy to learn the art and get to isolate fake watches from legitimate ones. Moreover, you have to know that these are but some of the methods used and it is coaxed that you seek other inherent means of carrying out his process, since the industry of fake watch making is also perfecting its skill, to a point that it would soon adapt to these listed techniques.

Where The Design Of Watches Is Headed?

Classic Watch? Becoming The Past.

Watches have been part and person of each and every individual since time immemorial. The only difference is that they have ceased being just another ubiquitous element of our environment but have taken a more realistic and unequivocally serious course of action. As such, it would be paramount to savvy some of the trends in the watches niche in so as to be able to know what your next hand decor choice would be.

The first thing you ought to envision of with somewhat a weighty preference is the idea of embracing the contextual change. Yes. What this means is that you ought to home the technological trend that the watch family has decided to veer into. Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to go fancy and adopt the likes of the new iPhone 6 watch. No. Rather try and mix your official watch style with something like a fitness tracker, as is the new case with Frederique Constant. If that is not your motive, you may find the digital encrypting watch from Bulgari to be quite a catch. Be part of the analog to digital migration.

The New Era of Watches Design.

Withal, watches are taking a whole new perspective with respect to their aesthetic touch. At some point in history, the once valued vintage classic watches went out of the question when it comes to designing watches. Well, this is back. This has been made possible following the fact that instead of continually developing a newer style of watches, history is rehashing itself again and again. Case in point, the Zenith’s El Primero Chronograph Classic is but a perfect replica of what used to be in the 50s, but with some 21st century touch up of course.

On an on, season after season, many watch fanatics tend to opt for the blue types of watches. Well, this has been the norm, be it for a formal occasion or any other. Well, new perspectives and paths to the coloration of watches are slowly forging. Adopting a rather brown tone is what seems to be the new big thing in watches 2015. Well, this is somewhat a newer angle, which takes into account the transparency feature that will result from a brown clock and skin appearance. Moreover, brown somewhat acclimates to some apparels and suits and hence a good choice to consider.

Stainless Steel? Nah. More Than That!

Finally, you have to be somewhat open to new ideas in terms of the materials that are streaming into the watches niche. It would be perturbing to adhere to the likes of steel or platinum watches as times have changes, and the quality is not just material but the time and energy used to sculpture the watch irrespective of the material used. It is paramount to acknowledge the fact that some famed watchmakers have since introduced the likes of ceramic watches, as is the case with Rado. This is somewhat lightweight and more flexible while worn.

How To Identify A Fake Watch

Any time there are high end products available, there are bound to be con artists who manufacure a cheap imitaiton, and charge discounted prices for the merchandise. Spotting a phony can be difficult in some cases. It can be hard to tell the difference between a fake watch and one that is genuine. Here are some tips to help you to know whether or not a watch is fake.

Become familiar with genuine characteristics

This takes doing a little research, but in the long run, you can avoid being scammed by imitations that can run into hundreds of dollars, thousands, and even more. Find examples of genuine brands and models so you can identify any inconsistencies in those that are being offered. Counterfeiters are not into the practice of producing high quality watches that will last, but rather, watches that look similar to genuine brands. The materials that are used, in addition to the craftsmanship will most likely be inferior and you can tell by the weight in many lnstances, if something is off kilter.

Compare the colors, lettering and designs with originals. There are often discrepancies in imitations because they are not using exactly the same tools or materials in their creations. If the colors do not exactly match those of the genuine watch, then there is a good chance that you are looking at a knock off.

You should check the smallest detail, down to the shape and design of the hands that are providing the time. Another consideration to be made, is the price that the watch is being offered for. Check around and establish the price range for the exact model that you are thinking about purchasing If the price is very low, when compared to other retailers with a solid repuation for providing genuine articles, you have reason to doubt the authenticity of the watch. Most retail sellers know the value of the products that they are handling, and not many people will let a valuable item go for a ridiculously low price.

Establish the reputation of the seller

This is not always possible, but it is recommended that you try your best to find out as much about the seller as you can. Online reviews may be fruitful. Find out if they have a reputation for selling genuine brand name watches, or if others have had negative experiences such as being scammed or lied to about the product. If there is no information that is available for the seller, it may be a good idea to hold off until you can find out more about them. There is little more disappointing than finding out your purchase is a cheap imitation. Another red flag to watch out for is a seller that maintains a low profile without some type of customer feedback available from some source. If the watch that you are considering for purchase is high end and high dollar from local authorized retailers, then it is well worth your effort to do the research and examine the piece with a critical eye.

Certificate of Authenticity

High end or designerwatches most commonly come with a certificate of authenticity. This doument serves as proof that the watch is not an imitation. Beware of sellers who offer high priced watches with no type of paperwork or documentation that accompanies it. Even if there is a certificate of authenticity, compare it alongside others to see if the language that is used, the font, the company logo of the manufacturer, and all other aspects of the document have any departures.

Confirm previous ownership

If the watch is secondhand and was owned by another individual, try to establish the identity of the owner. This is particularly important if the watch is regularly an expensive brand or model. If possible, make contact with the previous owner to confirm that they in fact owned the watch, where it was originally purchased, and if there is any supporting documentation that could confirm its authenticity. This may sound like a lot of work, but in reality, it only takes a few moments to make a phone call or send an email. It could end up saving you in hundreds if the watch is fake.

Research the brand and model so you are aware of its characteristics. Make comparisons of the watch that you are considering and look for differences, even slight ones. Ask for documentation and compare that with originals as well. Confirm previous ownership, and make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller. By following these tips and guidelines for spotting a fake watch, you can avoid the disappointment and financial loss of being the victim of a scam.

Quartz, Manual or Automatic Watch

When you are looking for the best watch, you will find that you have many to choose from. This can make deciding on one a difficult task. There are quartz, manual and automatic movement designs. One is not necessarily superior over the other one, but knowing the differences can help you to make the right choice to suit your preferences. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a description of each of the three types of watch movement and what you can expect from each of them.

Quartz movement

The quartz movement refers to the way that the watch is powered. This type of mechanism is believed to keep the most accurate time. A quartz crystal and battery are used for powering the watch. The battery can last for a year or in some cases, up to two before it needs to be replaced. The only maintenance that is generally needed, is battery replacement in these simply constructed watches. The major disadvantage to quarz movement watches is that often, owners forget to replace the battery and this can result in not having an accurate reading of the time when you may really need it. An easy remedy for this potential pitfall is to keep a spare watch battery on hand.

Manual movement

Manual movements have been around for hundreds of years. This watch type needs to be wound every day to generate the power that runs the watch. It operates on the principle of a mainspring that is tightened, governed by a series of internal mechanisms. As it unwinds, it transfers the built up tension to a set of gears. An escapement governs the amount of energy that is transfered as the balance wheel helps in maintaining consistency in the rate of transfer which advance the hands of the watch. Although manual movement watches are not believed to be as accurate in time keeping, Most of them do pretty well.

Automatic movement

This type of watch works on the principle of a mainspring with tension that is added from daily winding. The difference between a manual movement watch and an automatic is that energy is generated by the wearer moving the wrist, which in turn generates energy that is used in moving the hands at a consistent rate. This means that it will not need to be wound unless it is not worn for extended periods of time.

How to choose the best movement

This depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a wrist watch. The quartz movement watches are among the easiest because they require very little maintenance, with the exception of changing the battery every year or two. They are also reputed to keep the most accurate time to within seconds annually. If you prefer to own watches that feature Swiss craftsmanship, the automatic or manual will be your best choice. If this is the case, be prepared to pay a little more in maintenance costs. On average, these watches need to be repaired by a certified professional every few years, to keep them in top time keeping condition. There are far more intricate moving parts involved in the inner workings.

Mechanical watches do have their downsides, but this movement is more frequently used in high end watches such as designer varieties, and they do come with an added air of prestige. Although more expensive, mechanical and automatic types tend to hold their value through the years, while quartz movement watches are generally the least expensive.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to choose the best watch, is to consider when and where it will be worn, how much you are willing to spend in any needed maintenance and repairs, whether convenience is a factor or if you would rather wind your watch on a daily basis, or if you plan to war it the majority of the time.

With all of the different types of watches available on the market today, it pays to know what to look for in a wrist watch. After weighing the benefits and disadvantages of these watch types, your personal tastes and preferences should be the deciding factor.

Trends in Watches for 2015

Watches are among the most versatile accessories that are both functional and attractive. They complement your wardrobe and also make a statement about your personality. Health and fitness has recently been paired with this new technology and most major brands feature smart watches with such capacities. There is a broad variety of styles and types trending for 2015 that are sure to satisty the most unique preference in style and function.

Smart Watches – Gadgets of The Future

Smart watches are the latest in fashion technology. They are the combination of smartphone and wrist watch, and come in a variety of unique styles and functionality. Some smart watches are designed to work with your smartphone, therefore, compatibility can be an issue if you don’t make sure to get the right one. Others are stand alone models that do not require syncing with a phone. Here are the most popular smart watches on the market today.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

pebbles-time-smartwatchMake voice notes and reply with a built in microphone. LED backlight provides a constantly lit display with battery life that lasts a full week. Water resistant with customizable covers and watch faces from the app store at Pebble. Exceptional interface with Pebble Time technology and a thin design for added comfort. Alerts can be set to regular tone or vibrate for privacy. Supports the 8000 plus apps available at the Pebble app store. Compatible with all Android devices featuring 4.0 and higher with English or other language capabilities. Allows for fitness and activity tracking with the proper apps, and music control with Bluetooth control. Easy charge with a USB port.

Luxmo – Bluetooth Smart Watch Bracelet Sports Smartwatch

This watch includes features for health or sports minded people. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy HTC and Motorola LG Android. Smart watch with touch screen features, works as a phone for calls and texting, music control and built in pedometer for health and fitness monitoring.

Joy Geek Smart Watch All-in-1 Bluetooth Watch Phone Mate

51GT47bosxL._SX425_iOS Apple iPhone and Anroid smart phone compatibility with touch screen, SIM TF card support and 1.2 MP camera support. Enjoy all of the features of a cell phone and wristwatch in one package. Easily synced to iOs smart phone or Android. Pedometer and sleep monitor for health and fitness monitoring, alarms, video and audio play, remote capture for connecting to your phone via Bluetooth with no special downloads required, recording functions and file manager.

Oceanic Geo 2.0 Air/Nitrox Computer Watch

This dual algorithm wristwatch features Pleagic DSAT or Pelagic Z plus with four modes of operation including watch functions including countdown timer, alternate time, alarm and chrono. NORM for ar and Nitrox and a guage with run timer created for the special needs of divers.

Burg 12 Smartwatch

burg-12-smartwatch-1This fashionable watch allows all of the functions of a smart phone as a stand alone device that does not need syncing with a smart phone. The proprietary software provides for texting, calling, taking and viewing pictures and listening to music. It also includes the features of a wristwatch with time display, calendar and calculator features.

Smart phone technology just became more diverse with the new and innovative smart watches. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right one for you, is to think about your lifestyle and the intended use of your watch. Some people prefer a simple wrist watch that tells the time and date, and these are still available. For those who desire the convenience of fully functioning smart phone apps at the touch of the wrist, these devices are designed to provide all of the functions of a full sized smart phone, at a fraction of the size.

Most manufacturers provide a large assortment of apps in their app stores, to make these watches fully customizable to suit the style of the owner. These are just a few of the examples of the hundreds of different brands, models and watch types that are out there. Why so many? Because manufacturers are attempting to address the unique needs of individuals who have different interests and requirements in a smart watch. They bring convenience to the users and additionally, come in a variety of styles to fit the preferences of the person wearing them along with the necessary technology.